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As you start this new week, don’t forget to start/keep doing the great things you know. It’s the week to awaken the giant in you. Stay safe.. Stay healthy.. Stay inspired. 
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Thank you for attending

Thank you for attending our 2020 edition of  “Dealing with Depression” webinar, tagged “New Culture Emergence Towards Post Pandemic: A Way Out Of Depression”. We hope you had an amazing and inspiring experience, and we look forward to seeing you at our subsequent events.

In case you missed any part of the webinar, we have attached the speakers presentation slides specially for you.

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“Dealing with Depression” 2020

Paroche Reach out Foundation specially invite you to her 2020 Edition of “Dealing with Depression ” webinar. 


Date: October 1, 2020

Time:12:00 – 2:00 PM WAT

 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a great deal of anxiety, stress and uncertainty to many countries in the world, which is likely to lead to a rise in clinical depression that nations must prepare for. The resultant increase in cases of depression can also make it harder for the country to recover after the pandemic. Join us on the 1st of October, 2020 as we discuss the way out of depression in this post pandemic era . Click on the link below to register for the program: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation Email containing information on how to join the webinar. 

Webinar Speakers:

Dr Olowookere( Consultant psychiatrist, and CEO Grey Insights Limited)

Dr (Mrs) Augusta Olaore(MD Savaye, Glendale, California)


Comparing yourself with other people can lead to unhealthy competition, which can mar your self-image and self-esteem. The truth is: you are uniquely, beautifully and perfectly created, endowed with rich potentials to transform your world.Make a decision today to only compare yourself with who God says you are, start growing yourself into that person, and the sky shall be your stepping stone.Stay safe… Abstain from Drug Abuse.

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 “NO” means “NO”! Say “NO” to every form of Drug abuse… say “YES” to Good health. Stay safe… Stay healthy. …

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Cocaine, is also known as Aunt, Aunt Nora, Batman, Bazulco, Bernice, Candy, Charlie, Coca, Coke, Colombia, Crack, Dust, Flake, and so many other names. Cocaine can cause a long term damages to mental health,  which appears in form of mood or emotional disturbance. Because the drugs directly interferes with dopamine being reabsorbed by neurons, one of the symptoms of a cocaine comedown is serious depression. If the brain does not reach it’s original equilibrium, then a person who has struggled with cocaine abuse for a long time may develop permanent depression and require ongoing mental health treatment. Cocaine increase stress hormones like cortisol in the brain which can in turn raise blood pressure permanently, damaging the cardiovascular system. You can avoid theses health issues when you abstain from or avoid cocaine abuse. Choose to stay healthy… You deserve it…

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 Drug and substance (alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics, etc)  abuse is capable of jeopardizing a promising future, destroying a blossom marriage, sabotaging a healthy lifestyle, and shrinking a creative mind if ONLY you give it the chance. Abusing these substance is like feeding your immune and body system with fire🔥.Make a decision today to abstain from /avoid abusing drugs and substances, and the world will be a better place. Wishing you all a splendid week ahead. Stay safe… Stay healthy…. #Parochereachoutfoundation #goodhealthandwellbeing#sdg3 #saynotodrugabuse#saynotosubstanceabus#drugabuse#drugfreeworld


Tramadol is also known as Chill Pills, Trammies, and Ultras.Tramadol is an opioid pain medication to treat moderate to moderately severe pain.Using tramadol without a prescription or taking it in higher doses, more often or for longer than prescribed are all considered abuse of this drug.Signs and side effects of tramadol abuse include:

Nausea or vomiting, Drowsiness, Slurred speech, Headaches, Impaired coordination,Constipation, Fever, Appetite loss, Trouble concentrating, Muscle aches, Depression, and Sweating.

The following behaviors are commonly associated with an addiction to Tramadol: Visiting multiple doctors to obtain more Tramadol (doctor shopping), Compulsive use of Tramadol, Neglecting responsibilities at home, work or school, Social or interpersonal problems related to Tramadol use, Mood swings, Excessive drowsiness, Using Tramadol without a prescription or buying it on the street, Concentrating Apathy, Inability to feel pleasure, Impaired coordination, Vomiting from large doses, Having to take larger amounts to experience the same effects, Hiding or leaving around empty prescription bottles, Withdrawal symptoms after ceasing use, Spending large amounts of money on Tramadol, Continuing to use Tramadol despite negative consequences, Spending the majority of time trying to obtain Tramadol, The development of tolerance and withdrawal symptoms are signs of a physical dependence on Tramadol. Craving the drug is a very common sign of a psychological dependence.


Do you know anyone who behaves this way after taking Tramadol or an unknown substance? Are you seeking help for yourself or a relative/friend/colleague?At Paroche we offer the best referral services and post rehabilitation care Contact us today:

0818 888 3960


Drugs are highly poisonous to the system when you abuse them.They directly affect the mind, and can distort the user’s creativity and perception of what is happening around him or her. As a result, the person’s action can be irrational, inappropriate, and even destructive. Drug abuse leads to mental disorder. Abstain from drug abuse… Stay healthy.


In a world where things may not go the way you want them, where people may fail you, and your hopes, and dreams maybe dashed; Do not give in to the pressure to take alcohol, or narcotic substances. While taking these harmful substances may seem like an easy way out, the reality is: it will drown you deeper in the ocean of depression without any support to get you out of it. Substance abuse is not a solution to depression.
We will be sharing tips on ways to overcome depression soon…. Anticipate.
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