”THINK ABOUT IT” Musical concert

Buchi during his ministration

Seyi sax during his presentation Olaitan Dada 

Classic world concept during their presentation. House of david dance crew with Mrs Adebayo. ”THINK ABOUT IT” musical concert was a splendid evening where we got to enjoy meaningful drama presentation ,spoken word, testimonies and music all to campaign against drug and substance abuse. It was also a day to reminisce on the year’s activities and plan for a better and impactful year ahead.

Upcoming Walk campaign.
Volunteers needed for the LIVING FREE
Date: Oct 10th,2018.
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In recent times, the issue of substance or drug intake, abuse and addiction in Nigeria and globally has become alarming, and  ignorance of the damaging effects of these substances among the youths and older members of the larger society has become worrisome not only in the family circles but also in the wider society.

Drug is any substance that, when taken into the body changes one’s sensory perception, mood or behavior. But of particular reference here is psychoactive drugs or substances.

Some of these drugs are referred to as intoxicants, others as depressants. The youths take some of these drugs which ranges from alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, codeine, to cocaine, heroin etc., because of several reasons that are either personal or environmental. Some of these reasons are depression, curiosity, desire to feel belonged, peer influence, socio-economic condition etc. Some of the substances mentioned above are socially acceptable and legal, therefore leading to uninhibited consumption.

The common refrain or reaction among some abusers in Nigeria is; “something must kill a man”. The question is; if one knows that a particular ‘poison’ is dangerous to one’s health, would one consciously accept to take it? Because the damaging effects of some of these substances take long time to manifest, some people erroneously believe that they are harmless. Though some are conscious of the dangers inherent in the abuse of substances, they cannot help but continue because it is beyond their control. So much financial resources that could be invested in productive ventures are wasted in attempt to save the lives and careers of victims and on the other hand redeem the image of the victims’ families damaged by stigmatization. Most times, because the damage has become so deep in terms of the nature of substance taken and duration of abuse, treatment becomes a fruitless venture.

There have been several reported cases of drug-induced death both nationally and internationally. One of such is a reported incident by the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Abia state, about a young boy who took ten tablets of Tramadol because he wanted to outperform his competitors in sports. He did not survive as a result of the overdose. There is a likelihood that that was not the first time he experimented with the drug. Ignorance of the danger inherent in the abuse of substances led him to his untimely grave. Drug-induced death of prominent figures like Whitney Houston, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and others cannot be over-emphasized.

Ignorance of subtle and deleterious progression of substance use poses a lot of danger to our youths. Some youths experiment with substances to achieve short-term goals oblivious of the long-term mental and physiological destructions that arise thereafter. Just like the incident cited above, victims of substance abuse transit from experimenting to circumstantial use because they feel without the substance they cannot perform, hence the reason to increase the volume because the initial quantity can no longer have the same effect.

Ignorance of destructive effects of drugs often gives victims false belief of being in control of themselves oblivious of how the ‘world’ sees them. The age of initiation of drug intake and abuse according to statistics ranges from 12 to 17 years old. This is the most impressionable and adventurous age range during which adolescent youths try to find their identity. In attempt to define their identity, they face enormous pressure from families, educational environment and unfriendly society. Those who lack the capacity and strategies to navigate this turbulent tide succumb helplessly to this devastating menace leading to attraction to experiment with substances they believe could calm their nerves, though temporarily.

In light of the above, it becomes imperative for families, religious organizations, NGOs and government institutions to initiate both informal and formal early education of our youths on the long-term damaging effects of substances and the consequences which affect both families and the society at large. Most times parents are not only blamed for not giving quality time to issues that affects their children, they are also blamed for not inculcating good moral values in them. Though they spent most of their time outside home; in school, with friends, it is believed that with proper upbringing, youths would be imbued with the will-power and strategies to resist undue influences of significant others.

Government has made significant inroads in area of tackling drugs supply and demand reduction through the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), but a lot still needs to be done in the area of empowering NGOs to reach the people at the grass root for proper enlightenment in secondary schools and community advocacy.

Individuals who have problems stopping the use and abuse of drugs should not hesitate to seek help before it gets out of control. A stitch in time saves nine.

Sport againt drugs 2017

Sport against drugs 2017. During the event, youths from the Iwaya community demonstrated their skills on the football field. The participants also had the opportunity to learn about the adverse effect of drug abuse. This type of event is beneficial in drawing attention to the problem of drug use and discouraging young people from using drugs.


Face Reality

It won’t harm you, it is not bad

Say some friends, Take a little

Taste a little, it is good for you

It makes me high, it makes me fine

Says the heart that’s high, from little to want of more

I need to get to the peak again, says the mind that have tasted

Oh! World of fallacy, Face reality

I can jump the Atlantic Ocean, it looks so small

Face reality

Oh! ‘’Stuff ‘’ you have made mothers childless.

Oh! Cigarette what a brain poison

Oh! Weed you have made weeded the essence out of the generation





It gives no realistic world

Face Reality.


By Okojie Blessing

(Religious Studies Graduate of Adeleke University)



As I came back from school, I saw Mummy was putting up a framed picture of Me from the purity Ball, in the picture tears were streaming down my eyes as I took the pledge to live a holy life and recognize that my Body is the temple of God, Mummy smiled at me and said “I Love this picture so much Ife, and I’m putting it here as a daily reminder of your covenant with God” trust mummy to make a mountain out of a molehill which one is covenant with God again? As if I wasn’t feeling bad already, nobody knew why I was crying.

Tomorrow will make it 7years since Daddy passed on and there was going to be a memorial service in his honor  , my uncles and Aunties will be coming around  and mummy always did her best to impress them anytime they come around, I would never understand why mum walked on egg shells around them, she had already told me more than five times today to arrange my awards from the last speech and prize giving day properly and if Uncle Juwon asked what I was going to study in the university I should say Medicine. I was already feeling so pressured and I was sure I would feel worse tomorrow.

Aunty Kemi who would have been my saving grace was in Dubai for another “birthday celebration”, I needed something to calm my nerves and Jonathan and I weren’t exactly on speaking terms since he saw the Picture I uploaded on Instagram with Kelvin (Nkechi’s cousin), what would I do now?

Mummy was screaming my name again, the house was already clean I don’t know where she wanted me to clean again, Deaconess Folorunsho had arrived with the foodstuffs for tomorrow and some other women from church also came to help mummy out, I hadn’t finished my Physics assignment and I knew I wouldn’t have time tomorrow so I quickly slipped into my room.

As I rummaged through my very scattered study table, I stumbled on some of my medications from the last time I had cold and realized that I didn’t finish my cough syrup , I was happy , at least this will calm my nerves . Mummy popped into the room and saw me doing my assignment and she gave me that smile that depicted how proud she was of me, she didn’t notice the cough syrup beside my books, God was really working in my favor.

I began to feel dizzy shortly after I gulped down the cough syrup and as I drifted into sleep, I tried very hard to remember Daddy’s face and I couldn’t I knew mummy will not be happy that I didn’t come out for night prayers, I was too tired and she was busy anyway, it felt like everything was set in slow motion just like in the movies, it was a satisfying feeling, someone said “REST IN PEACE DADDY” I wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from or was it me?…




I finally got wasted, blitzed, lit up, tanked, drunk etc. for my first time, shivering violently and uncontrollably as I left Jonathan house. I felt like something vital inside of me was MISSING… something that could never be replaced again in less than 24 hours I had aged beyond my years, my whole body ached , my throat was parched but I didn’t feel thirsty, with tears blurring my vision I approached the flight of stairs leading to my apartment,
I heard a faint voice from afar, it was Mrs. Macaulay the fashion designer who owns the shop just below my flat, call out to me, the door was locked and so I heaved a sigh of relief… Thank God mummy wasn’t back from vigil. It was like giving candy to kid that doesn’t deserve it.

I’m an only child so I didn’t have any siblings around to snitch on me, Daddy was a co-pilot involved in the SOSOLISO plane crash years ago, Mummy owned a group of schools (I attend one of them) so we live a pretty comfortable life.

As I stepped into the shower, to wash off the stale smell of cigar off my body, I noticed traces of blood in the bath tub and I realized I had been ignoring a throbbing pain in between my legs, why is it so hard to remember anything that happened last night, did Jonathan have sex with me? Oh my God “haaaaaaaaaaaaa temi bami” what would mummy say? What if I get pregnant?

The sound of someone knocking at the door brought me back to Life, Mrs. Macaulay was at the door, she wanted to get my measurement for the Purity ball event which was coming up in church, she looked at me suspiciously but I assured her in my not so calm voice that everything was okay.

It was almost mid-day when I realized that my phone hadn’t rang at all since I came home, this was strange as I spent hours talking to Jonathan on the phone every day, where was he this morning when I left his place? NEPA brought the light and I quickly brought out my Sunday dress to iron before the light goes off, mummy arrived shortly and together we prepared for church, made small talk just to while away time.

After night prayers, I went into my room and prayed again God please don’t let me be pregnant, if you answer this one prayer I would worship you like never before. I tried Jonathan’s number but it was switched off. As I slept that Night I dreamt that I wore the most beautiful white dress and Jonathan stood beside me taking the marital vows and we lived happily ever after.
Little did I know that this was the beginning of the END.

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