Hi, I’m Ife, this is a journey through my experiences with drugs, love and lust and as you go through each phase of my life, I hope that you truly come to terms with the EVIL that drug addiction is.

Let me start at the very beginning.

Jonathan was my first crush, I had never been so excited about anybody before, he was the cutest prefect in my school. His looks attracted many girls in school and I was his girlfriend, am I lucky or what?

Everything was going smoothly until his 17th birthday party, I had used my entire savings for that month to buy him what I taught was the best birthday gift, but Jonathan didn’t even look at it. He took me away from the party to his room, surprisingly, he lit a cigarette, there is a general conception of guys who smoke having black lips, but this was a total flawed logic, starring at Jonathan bright shade of pink lips almost like he was using a gloss. The underlying question here is “how on earth could he have been a smoker?”

He controlled the smoke from his mouth and nostrils like the popular Yoruba deity called “SANGO” I was left with no doubts that he had mastered the arts smoking as the smoke fumed from his mouth like a boiler at the heat.

He invited me to join him with the glass of vodka placed just beside where we sat, I love him so much and I can’t afford to disappoint him. So, I sipped from the glass, gradually voices from the party began to seem so far away. Suddenly I felt like I was covered in a blanket of thick darkness, I opened my eyes, what seemed like moments later and the rays of the sun hit my eyes like a little pieces of glass and I came out of the abyss I had been in for God knows how long.

I knew my life had changed forever, this feeling was BAD…like really and other drugs 2

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