Aunty Kemi was still on the phone with the senator (her current boyfriend) who just bought her a car for her “birthday”, I asked her how many times she celebrated her birthday In a year and she laughed and said for as many times as she wanted.

I always liked it when Aunty Kemi dropped me off at school, she drew so much attention with her flashy car and light skinned beauty, just as expected, jaws dropped as Aunty Kemi and I highlighted from the car especially that of Mr Onwuike my Mathematics teacher, she exchanged pleasantries with my class teacher and she left.

Almost immediately, Jonathan walked into the class, I had unnecessary goose bumps, my heart could compete with Usain bolt because it was beating really fast,  how do I break up with Jonathan?, do I still love him? I was faced with questions that even the examination board could mark.

Last month Thelma and Kechi advised that I breakup with Jonathan because he was still a small boy and wouldn’t be able to satisfy my needs “I didn’t know what I told them I was needing oooo”, myself and Jonathan had been through a lot and I felt like our relationship deserved a fighting chance maybe he would be Mike Tyson, and I would Mayweather… Jonathan was very afraid  of the repercussions of  what happened on his birthday and couldn’t face me  but I was able to convince him that I was a big girl (even when deep down I was so scared) and I could take care of myself, we shared our problems together… I was there feeling older than my age LOL….

I am quite smart beyond average, and it’s funny how even after my first experience, I’m still topping my class, so why did Mrs Ajasa the headmistress make it seem like once you start using drugs you are automatically set to fail. Anyways it’s not like I’m a drug addict or anything I can stop whenever I want to.

After school today I was going to meet Nkechi’s cousin who was in the University, he was so cute (I know this because I already did a background check on the gram) and I also needed an upgrade from secondary school boys, Thelma’s boyfriend even worked in a bank on broad street, Marina so it was time for me to step up.

I “borrowed” some of Aunty Kemi’s make up stuffs and her Brazilian wig, Luckily for me both of  Nkechi’s parents were bankers and they came back from work really late so that would give me time to revamp myself from the school girl look to something more sophisticated (slay mama), I told Aunty Kemi that it was Nkechi’s birthday and we were having a small party at her house, Aunty Kemi knows how to cooperate sometimes it’s hard to believe that she’s mummy’s sister.

Mr Onwuike came to distribute our continuous assessment scripts, I was the highest in my class, mummy will be very happy I thought to myself, Today was a really good day I just had to figure out what to do with Jonathan.

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