I finally got wasted, blitzed, lit up, tanked, drunk etc. for my first time, shivering violently and uncontrollably as I left Jonathan house. I felt like something vital inside of me was MISSING… something that could never be replaced again in less than 24 hours I had aged beyond my years, my whole body ached , my throat was parched but I didn’t feel thirsty, with tears blurring my vision I approached the flight of stairs leading to my apartment,
I heard a faint voice from afar, it was Mrs. Macaulay the fashion designer who owns the shop just below my flat, call out to me, the door was locked and so I heaved a sigh of relief… Thank God mummy wasn’t back from vigil. It was like giving candy to kid that doesn’t deserve it.

I’m an only child so I didn’t have any siblings around to snitch on me, Daddy was a co-pilot involved in the SOSOLISO plane crash years ago, Mummy owned a group of schools (I attend one of them) so we live a pretty comfortable life.

As I stepped into the shower, to wash off the stale smell of cigar off my body, I noticed traces of blood in the bath tub and I realized I had been ignoring a throbbing pain in between my legs, why is it so hard to remember anything that happened last night, did Jonathan have sex with me? Oh my God “haaaaaaaaaaaaa temi bami” what would mummy say? What if I get pregnant?

The sound of someone knocking at the door brought me back to Life, Mrs. Macaulay was at the door, she wanted to get my measurement for the Purity ball event which was coming up in church, she looked at me suspiciously but I assured her in my not so calm voice that everything was okay.

It was almost mid-day when I realized that my phone hadn’t rang at all since I came home, this was strange as I spent hours talking to Jonathan on the phone every day, where was he this morning when I left his place? NEPA brought the light and I quickly brought out my Sunday dress to iron before the light goes off, mummy arrived shortly and together we prepared for church, made small talk just to while away time.

After night prayers, I went into my room and prayed again God please don’t let me be pregnant, if you answer this one prayer I would worship you like never before. I tried Jonathan’s number but it was switched off. As I slept that Night I dreamt that I wore the most beautiful white dress and Jonathan stood beside me taking the marital vows and we lived happily ever after.
Little did I know that this was the beginning of the END.

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