As I came back from school, I saw Mummy was putting up a framed picture of Me from the purity Ball, in the picture tears were streaming down my eyes as I took the pledge to live a holy life and recognize that my Body is the temple of God, Mummy smiled at me and said “I Love this picture so much Ife, and I’m putting it here as a daily reminder of your covenant with God” trust mummy to make a mountain out of a molehill which one is covenant with God again? As if I wasn’t feeling bad already, nobody knew why I was crying.

Tomorrow will make it 7years since Daddy passed on and there was going to be a memorial service in his honor  , my uncles and Aunties will be coming around  and mummy always did her best to impress them anytime they come around, I would never understand why mum walked on egg shells around them, she had already told me more than five times today to arrange my awards from the last speech and prize giving day properly and if Uncle Juwon asked what I was going to study in the university I should say Medicine. I was already feeling so pressured and I was sure I would feel worse tomorrow.

Aunty Kemi who would have been my saving grace was in Dubai for another “birthday celebration”, I needed something to calm my nerves and Jonathan and I weren’t exactly on speaking terms since he saw the Picture I uploaded on Instagram with Kelvin (Nkechi’s cousin), what would I do now?

Mummy was screaming my name again, the house was already clean I don’t know where she wanted me to clean again, Deaconess Folorunsho had arrived with the foodstuffs for tomorrow and some other women from church also came to help mummy out, I hadn’t finished my Physics assignment and I knew I wouldn’t have time tomorrow so I quickly slipped into my room.

As I rummaged through my very scattered study table, I stumbled on some of my medications from the last time I had cold and realized that I didn’t finish my cough syrup , I was happy , at least this will calm my nerves . Mummy popped into the room and saw me doing my assignment and she gave me that smile that depicted how proud she was of me, she didn’t notice the cough syrup beside my books, God was really working in my favor.

I began to feel dizzy shortly after I gulped down the cough syrup and as I drifted into sleep, I tried very hard to remember Daddy’s face and I couldn’t I knew mummy will not be happy that I didn’t come out for night prayers, I was too tired and she was busy anyway, it felt like everything was set in slow motion just like in the movies, it was a satisfying feeling, someone said “REST IN PEACE DADDY” I wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from or was it me?…


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