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A 22-year-old Nigerian student studying Information Technology (IT) at the Sikkims Manipal University, in Ghana, Mustapha Musa Osman, who allegedly stabbed two of his brothers at their home in Accra Newtown last Friday, after been high on drug. He had taken 20 doses of Diazpam 5gm tablets, to enable him study that night but it backfired.

“I admit committing the act. I regret my action and I even wanted to commit suicide after the act but Jamiru took the knife from me. I was out of control after taking the drug. I regret having taken the drugs which enables me study
for more than five hours a day”, he said Mustapha Musa Osmani made the confession in the presence of  journalists, pleading for forgiveness after claiming he acted under the influence of drugs. He claims he was under the influence of drugs has confessed to killing his brother Nazifi Osmani Mohammed, 23, who happens to be the oldest of them all, and injured another, Jamiru Osmani, 27 is recuperating at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

The police say Osmanu had sneaked into their kitchen around 3.30pm, picked a knife and first stabbed Jamiru Osman, 23, in the chest before stabbing Nazifi Osman Mohammed, 27, in the chest and the stomach, leading to his death.

“I was out of control. I do not know why I did that. I have never quarrelled with my brothers since we arrived in Ghana two years ago to further our education,”

He said Mustapha claimed he became hyperactive on from Thursday after he “took 20 tablets instead of two” of the Daizepam he took every day to keep him awake for studying.

“He took a knife and stabbed Jamiru in the chest in the living room and moved to the bedroom where Mohammed was sleeping and stabbed him in the stomach and chest,” the police boss said.

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