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Government owned Secondary Schools also came prepared. Their Discipline, qualitative Presentations & punctuality made us very proud to be part of Lagos State. Indeed 2023 Colormeright can only get better.
#parochereachoutfoundation #colormeright2022

Private Schools on the island and mainland were ably represented at this year's Colormeright. Seeing the luxurious buses packed in front of the main Auditorium Unilag, and students alighting into the event hall in their numbers made us confident

Join us tonight at 7:30pm promt to discuss Simple Steps in Substance Abuse Prevention.
Today Sunday, 20th November 2022, come learn how to help and share tips to help others
Join the meeting on Google Meet, click this link:

Join the Conversation this Sunday by 7:30pm on simple steps to take in substance abuse prevention.

Venue: Google meet
Time: 7:30pm
Date: 20th November 2022

#paroche #parochereachoutfoundation

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