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This program has now been postponed to next week. Thank you for your understanding.

As Nigerians 🇳🇬, we head to the polls tomorrow to vote for a new leadership. It is the desire of everyone that a new Nigeria emerges after tomorrow's election.
What are the things you would love to see in the New Nigeria?
How can it be achieved?

Here are some healthy habits you can start practicing. 21 days after, it would become an unconscious routine.
Share with us some healthy habits you practice or know of.
Have a fruitful week 🥂
#paroche#parochereachoutfoundation #health #habits #wayoflife

Today, @ Onitolo Community Senior High School, we interacted with about 250 students & engaged them on the ills of substance abuse. You can join us on our school awareness campaign program as a volunteer. To be a part, send a DM
Reach out.... Touch lives positively 💪🏽

Do you feel Safe in today's Nigeria?
Do you want to know more on simple Safety cautions to help you keep safe?
Then you can't miss Gist Time..
Join us this Sunday, 29th January 2023 at 7:30pm on Google Meet.

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