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World Drug Day

Today, 26th June of every year is a day set aside to campaign against drug abuse and trafficking in illicit drugs.

Have you for once given a thought to the fact that someone somewhere is going through traumatic times because of drug/substance abuse? Do you know that some people only need simple counselling to get rid of or think of given up on addiction to substance abuse? It may involve someone directly or indirectly related to you, but we are all involved in one way or another. How?  You may ask; some commercial vehicle drivers who take us to and from different places like markets, churches, schools and to work or even on long journey engage in one form of substance abuse or another.

Now, if (God forbid) the vehicle loaded with passengers, driven by a drunk-driver or a driver under the influence of
other dangerous substances had an accident, what do you think would happen? Many people may die, some may sustain various degrees of injury and end up in hospitals. Many of these victims or casualties may be your brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews, cousins, husbands etc.

This is why you have to be involved in the campaign against drug/substance abuse/addiction not only to save lives but also to save future prospects, talents, careers and set goals.

Please, don’t say it does not concern me, do something today. JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!

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